Self Setting Automatic Brake Adjuster

Self Setting Automatic Brake Adjuster

Self Setting Automatic Brake Adjuster

The vehicle is safer when all the brakes are better adjusted, all the time. That's the advantage that S-ABAs provide.


Automatic Brake Adjuster is one of the most critical items in any air brake system. It is used on commercial vehicles having Air Brakes with 'S' cam shaft. The basic function of  the brake adjuster is to transmit the braking torque to the 'S' cam and facilitate adjustment of the clearance between brake lining and the brake drum, which is primarily caused due to the wearing of brake lining.


The automatic brake adjuster is mounted on the 'S' cam shaft and one end is connected to the push rod of the brake chamber. When the brake pedal is pressed, the air is let into the brake chamber and  thrusts the push rod out. This in turn moves the adjuster. Since, it is mounted on the 'S' cam shaft, the shaft rotates and forces the brake shoes away from the other and presses against the brake drum. Thus, the brake is applied.


When the gap between the brake drum and the brake lining is increased due to brake lining wear; the automatic adjuster senses and adjusts the gap automatically. ABAs adjust the brakes while the vehicle is being used, thereby helping to maintain optimum vehicle braking capability at any given instant  of time.

The Haldex ABA is globally the most popular  preference, with over 50 Million no.s . in use

Haldex, with its proven technology, is a world leader in producing Automatic Brake Adjusters since 1967. Haldex Adjusters are the first choice worldwide for DAF, MAN, Mercedes Benz, ROR Rockwell, Renault, Scania, Volvo, so on and so forth. Haldex Automatic Brake Adjuster (ABA) is the most popular preference in the world, with over 50 Million. in use today.


The superior design of Haldex ABA makes it the first choice of major vehicle manufactures and also the world's largest producer of ABAs covering more applications than any other brand.


Automatic Brake Adjuster

The Haldex S-ABA; Self Setting Automatic Brake Adjuster - is a clearance sensing brake adjuster rather than a stroke sensing adjuster. This is a more accurate sensor and less susceptible to heat.


S-ABA is the first automatic brake adjuster which is both self-setting and flexible while offering unrivalled ease, faster and error-free installation. SABA is installed on each S-cam shaft (replacing the standard manual slack adjusters), and continuously monitors the gap between the brake linings and the brake drum. Any excessive clearance in the brakes is automatically adjusted for, thus ensuring maximum braking efficiency on all vehicle wheel stations.


S-ABA adjusts slower than other ABAs, thus enabling it to run at closer tolerances to the drum, which in turn offers improved brake reactions times. The Haldex Automatic Brake Adjusters maintains the optimum lining to drum clearance. This ensures the shortest stopping distance possible for a safer, more reliable vehicle.

  • S-ABA functions correctly whatever the position of the control arm
  • No setting position of control - arm required.
  • Faster and simpler installation
  • Less risks for incorrect installations
  • Self-setting means less time consuming adjustments during installation