Condenser and Oil Separator (Consep)
    Manual Brake or Slack Adjuster
    Self Setting Automatic Brake Adjuster

    Haldex India Private Limited offers solutions for trucks, buses and trailers tailored to meet the needs of safety, efficiency and environment. Haldex Brake Adjusters remain the market leading products due to their unbeaten technical performance resulting in a longer life.

    In the aftermarket we offer the entire range of products for air brake systems such as Brake Adjusters, Consep, Palm Couplings, Levelling Valves and Relay Emergency Valves amongst others.


    Our aftermarket offerings are compatible with vehicles of all Original Equipment Manufacturers. We have products that are specially designed for fleet operators and can be retrofitted in vehicles of any make. While designing these products we focus on making them easy to install and low-maintenance.


    We have a wide distribution network catering to every nook and corner of India supported by a sales and service team that trains, educates and provides after sales support to all our customers.