Condenser and Oil Separator (Consep)
    Manual Brake or Slack Adjuster
    Self Setting Automatic Brake Adjuster

    Haldex India Private Limited has been at the pioneering end of some key innovations for the Indian market in its product category. Each of these has been designed especially to enhance customer convenience and product life.

    The Integrated Lift Axle System

    Using compressed air and novel electrical controls, the Haldex Lift Axle System is specifically designed for steel suspended vehicles. It can lower and lift one or more Lift Axles. It enables better reverse driving and traction assistance. This efficient and forward looking product from Haldex incorporates automatic control functions. The ILAS-MS can easily replace older lift axle systems.

    The Haldex Trailer ABS (UABS)

    The Haldex Trailer ABS (UABS) has been designed in line with emerging market demand for a cost effective integrated system. The primary version has been designed in the 4S 2M configuration with the possibility to include the stability function as an additional feature.